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Privacy Commitment

In the course of using this website, mobile applications or its custom extensions or availing the products and services vide the online application forms in any form, Vistaar Financial Services Private Limited (Hereinafter "Vistaar") may become privy to the personal information of the users, including information that of a confidential or sensitive nature.

Vistaar is strongly committed to protect the privacy of the users and has taken all necessary and reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of the user information and its transmission through the world wide web and it shall not be held liable for disclosure of the confidential information when such disclosure is in accordance with this privacy Commitment or in terms of the agreements, if any, with the users. User further agrees that no claim to the contrary in this regard shall be or be caused to be brought upon Vistaar in any manner whatsoever.

Vistsar endeavours to safeguard and ensure the security of information provided by the User and uses 128-bit encryption, for the transmission of the information, which is currently the permitted maximum level of encryption in India. When the information provided by the user is not transmitted through this encryption, the user's system (if configured accordingly) will display an appropriate message ensuring the best level of secrecy for the user's information.

The user would be required to cooperate with Vistaar in order to ensure the security of the information, and it is recommended that the user's wherever required necessarily choose their passwords carefully such that no unauthorised access could be made by any third party. Vistaar recommends passwords which are complex and hard for others to guess. A complex password would be one which is a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters (&, %, $, #, * etc.). It is recommended that atleast one alphabet be in Upper Case. A minimum of 8 to 12 character password is recommended. User understands that disclosing or maintaining a written record of the password(s) poses a risk of access by a third party.

Vistaar undertakes not to disclose the user information to any person, unless such action is;

* Warranted by the Law of the Land

* For the protection and defence of Vistaar or its affiliate's interests

* For enforcement of the terms and conditions of the products or services; or

The user on his part shall not disclose to any other person, in any manner whatsoever, any information relating to Vistaar or its Affiliates of a confidential nature obtained in the course of availing the services through the website. Failure to comply with this obligation shall be deemed a serious breach of the terms herein and shall entitle Vistaar or its Affiliates to terminate the services, without prejudice to any damages, to which the customer may be entitled otherwise.

Vistaar will limit the collection and use of user's information only on a need-to-know basis to deliver better possible service to the user. Vistaar may use and share the information provided by the user with its Affiliates and selected, credible third parties for providing services and any service-related activities . In this regard, it may be necessary to disclose the customer information to one or more agents and contractors of Vistaar and their sub-contractors, but such agents, contractors, and sub-contractors will be required to agree to use the information obtained from Vistaar only for these limited purposes. We may share your contact details with our trusted third party partners, who are subject to appropriate confidentiality obligations, to enable us to provide you information about our products and services.

Cookie Policy:

Vistaar's website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies that are text files containing small amounts of information {this does not include personal sensitive information} which are downloaded on to your device when you visit a website in order to provide a personalised browsing experience. Cookies do lots of different jobs, like allowing users to navigate between pages efficiently, remembering their preferences, and generally improving their browsing experience. These cookies collect information analytics about how users use a website, for instance often visited pages. All information collected by third party cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous. By using our website user/s agree that these types of cookies can be placed on their device. User/s is/are free to disable/delete these cookies by changing his/her web browser settings. Vistaar is not responsible for cookies placed in the device of user/s by any other website and information collected thereto and no claim to the contrary in this regard shall be or be caused to be brought upon Vistaar in any manner whatsoever.

The user authorises Vistaar to exchange, share, part with all information related to the details and transaction history of the Customers/user as the case may be, to its Affiliates / any banks / financial institutions / credit bureaus / agencies/participation in any telecommunication or electronic clearing network as may be required by law, customary practice, credit reporting, statistical analysis and credit scoring, verification or risk management and the customer / user shall not hold Vistaar liable for use or disclosure of this information.

The Customer/User understands and agrees the terms and conditions of this document and agrees to access the website in accordance with terms and conditions herein.

Terms and Conditions

The Company may based on any form of access to the Application (including free download/trials) or Services or Website or registrations through any source whatsoever, contact the User through SMS, email and call, to give information about its products as well as notifications on various important updates and/or to seek permission for demonstration of its products. The User expressly grants such permission to contact him/her through telephone, SMS, e-mail and agrees to fully indemnify the Company against any liabilities that the Company may have to incur including financial penalties, damages, expenses in cases where the User's mobile number is registered with Do not Call (DNC) database/registry. By registering yourself, you agree to make your contact details available to Our employees, associates, and partners so that you may be contacted for educational information and promotions through telephone, SMS, email, etc.


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Fraud Disclaimer

Vistaar Financial Services Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Company’) has been made aware that individuals purporting to act as, or on The company’s behalf and using The company’s name (either in full as detailed in the beginning of this disclaimer or in various forms with some or more similarities) have approached prospective loan speakers in the general public offering loans. These approaches are intended to defraud individuals and damage the reputation of the Company. Any communication that is sent from The Company is either sent from our registered domain name or through formal correspondence. Under no circumstances should nay money be transferred to any individual or entity. Without having first conducted due diligence on that recipient of those funds.

If you receive what you believe is an email from any individual purporting to represent The Company or are approached by any individual who is unable to demonstrate that he is a legitimate employee of The Company, please call us at 080 49373037 or forward doubtful email communications to us at, forwarding the email or letter, and alternatively report this to your local police Vistaar Financial Services Private Limited does not tolerate such frauds/criminal activity in any form and shall not be considered liable for any loss or inconvenience resulting from communication or business transactions with unauthorize individuals or entities.

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